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Four-Shaft Shredder

GEP Ecotech four-shaft shredder is equipped with four sets of shearing cutter rollers. Four sets of cutter rollers adopt different cutter structures to cooperate with each other. After the material enters the shredding chamber, the material is torn into small pieces by the cutters tearing and shearing action on the four sets of cutter rollers. The discharging size is controlled by screen mesh. After shredding, the material smaller than the screen mesh will fall out, the bigger material will keep larger keep shredding in the shredding chamber until it can pass the screen mesh.

The 4-shaft shredders are designed for many heavyduty size reduction applications. The 4-shaft technology processes and re-circulates material in the unit until it is sized to pass through a removable screen set directly below the cutters. No additional or external equipment is needed to produce a consistent particle size. This machine is versatile and can be used for grinding most material including metal wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, film, and more!

GEP Ecotech four-shaft shredders process a wide range of material streams to a consistently small size in a single pass. It employ proven low-speed technology and an integrated sizing screen to generate uniform, well-liberated output, without incurring damage from metals and other hard objects. By removing the screen, It can also be operated like a two-shaft shredder. They are ideal for commingled materials without overly thick metals, and their large “throat” opening allows even large, bulky items to be processed.

GEP Ecotech offers a broad array of conveyor styles which can be engineered to integrate with our shredders and briquette presses to provide a complete chip handling and processing system which meets your specific needs.

The machine must be installed and used in a walled area where the environmental conditions are normal and suitable for operators to work in and for the type of work of the product; therefore air polluted by fumes or gas, dust in suspension, bacterial loads, insects and anything else which may be hazardous for the product or the operators is totally forbidden.

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